Tarot Readings (10K Yuj and Gemstones)

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The Best Tarot Reading in Puerto Rico To Enhance Your Spiritual Gifts and Answer Any Questions or Concerns you May have about your life. Serious inquiries only as the Masters are doctors of religion and natural medicine practitioners.

They help all see that science and spirituality must go hand in hand to learn life lessons and clear karma efficiently. Through creative problem solving and artistic intuition. they can give you insight on various situation of your life with clarity and emotional stability.

Surya Sol Sun spiritual readings and tarot card readings are powerful tools for someone to be able to identify what is going on in their life quickly. Most times, this power will unfold over a couple days as the individual meditates and contemplates upon what was said during the session.

Our Masters help you identify what needs to be forgiven and let go of those things have been affecting you without you realizing. This is the basis of our practice. Surya Sol Sun Spirituality is total awareness of physical, mental, and ethereal levels intertwining into one.

We have created our own deck that has aided thousands of individuals on their path of awareness and navigating life’s path.
You will also Be attuned to certain gemstones for your grounding and to enhance your specific spiritual gifts.

All of this information given in a non-judgement way to help allow the individual to open up and see themselves in a non judgemental way.

Because the reality is, that most people look at themselves and judge according to right and wrong. We do not go by right or wrong, or good and bad. We channel a Source to aid you in your life and tell you what you need to at this point in time.

We offer basic intuitive tarot card readings starting at $125.
We offer an advanced readings with specialized energy healing for $369.
Packages for spiritual journeys and healing Art start at $850.

Payment is Zelle or Cash payment only.

If you are a resident or living in Puerto Rico, we invite you to visit our simulated healing center area and private spiritual grounds with our healing art and blessed items.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Call to book.

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