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Looking for private room (Carolina)

baño privado
sin estacionamiento
lavandería en el lugar
recám privada

Looking for private room in Rio Piedras or Carolina , i have a source of income , am non imposing , clean , and will be in agreement to all rules of the house . I am an entrepreneurial women , i am not a bum , i am professional ,creative , analytical , and clean looking to contribute to the growth and development of this beautiful island threw her industry , love , power , strength and grace . I am an excellent conversationalist , am able to help with a household chores , maintenance . I do not like negative people , i am all about healing and positivity an moving forward , but it does not i will allow people to push over me . I do not like bullies and those who provoke others who are otherwise being peaceful and minding there business . I am interested in language exchange as well , as i am adept at both English and Conversational Serbo-Croatian . I am a true women of the world who would love to share a space soon , i am looking to be back on the island in April . So lets be in correspondence until then.
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