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remuneración: 10$-30$ an hour
tipo de empleo: contrato

Seeking to hire models for alternative photography with the goal of expanding my personal portfolio. This isn't a false promise to appear on TV, movies, newspapers or magazines, it's just hiring you to help me grow as a photographer. The pay is hourly, and how much depends on the shoot that you pick. Please read the entire ad BEFORE replying to it. Yes, some of my photography contains nudes or is about erotica but I have zero interest in doing pornography. Do NOT write soliciting sexual services or you will be ignored. Even though I'm including some examples of my work here (yes, all these pictures are taken by me), my full portfolio is available digitally. I also have an Instagram account I'm willing to share. If you want to see them, just ask.

What do you need?

- Experience is nice, but not mandatory. I've worked with beginners often.
- Please include two pictures of yourself if you reply. One face pic, and one where you're fully visible. This helps me recommend shoots that go well with the model.
- Be punctual, serious and have a good disposition. I won't waste your time, don't waste mine.
- Good self-confidence.
- Any photo ID for age verification. Don't send me this via email, ID is for the day of the shoot. One of the following is enough: Driver's License, Passport, or Birth Certificate.

What is alternative photography? It's any type of photography that deviates from the norm. The norm being fashion, runway, or commercial modeling. What categories am I interested in? Here's a few:

- Shibari /Suspension
- Horror
- Disturbing Imagery
- Special Effects
- Cosplay, particularly videogame characters
- Fantasy creatures (Elves, fairies, pixes and so on)
- Modern versions of classic fairy tale characters
- Abstracts
- Comedy
- Alternative Makeup
- Pin-up
- UV reactive shoots
- Others that I can detail if need be, but the listed ones are my current priorities

If you're interested in one of these in particular, please mention it in the reply. If you have no idea what these shoots are, feel free to ask and I'll send more details, I'll happily explain. If you have no preference, I'll send you my list of current priorities for you to pick whatever interests you the most.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do you pay?
The pay depends on what shoot you pick. As a rule of thumb, the simpler the shoot is, the less it pays. Example: Shibari pays more than Cosplay, but Cosplay pays more than Alternative Fashion. The absolute minimum is 10$ but on average I pay 20$ an hour. I also often give models a bonus if they perform well. You can expect a shoot to last between 3 to 4 hours.

Where are you located?/Where will the shoot be?
I generally operate in my studio in Santurce, near Ave. de Diego. Some shoots I do outside, depending what's better for the context of the shoot. The location will be agreed upon before we start the shoot.

I'm not skinny/I don't have a "model" body, can I still work with you?
Yes. I've done shoots with plus models and they've turned out very well. I've even done shoots with handicapped people, and they've also turned out great.

I have tattoos/piercings, is this a problem?
No, quite the opposite. Tattoos and piercings are almost a standard in alternative photography. This isn't a detriment, it's a point in your favor, particularly if the tattoos are really high quality.

I'm under 18 years old, can I still do a shoot with you?
Yes, but the selection of shoots you can do is limited. Moreover, you need a legal guardian accompanying you AT ALL TIMES, no exceptions. They also need to sign a release for you.

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?
Yes, you may bring an escort if you want. All I ask is they do not interfere with the shoot.

Can I have copies of the pictures to post on Facebook/Instagram/etc or to use for my own portfolio?
Yes and no. If I'm paying you for pictures, the pictures are my exclusive property. I am literally buying the pictures off you. If you're a beginner model looking for experience, or you really want to use your pictures, let me know. I'm open to work TFP (Trade for Pictures) for both our benefits.

Do you provide clothes and makeup?
Yes and no. I work with all sorts of models. Tall, petite, skinny, plus, average, on wheelchairs, etc. Providing clothing for absolutely everyone is impossible. If wardrobe is a must for a shoot, it's up to the model to get the appropriate wardrobe. If you want to keep the wardrobe purchased, go ahead, you bought it so it's yours. If you don't want to keep the purchased wardrobe, bring a receipt of purchase to the shoot and along with the hourly pay, I will reimburse the cost of the outfit to you and I keep the clothes. Why do I do this? I have no guarantee that you won't flake out on me. It's already happened that I've invested in wardrobe only to have the model disappear, wasting both my time and my money. Unless I've worked with you before and I know you're reliable, there's no exceptions to this.

Regarding makeup, I have two creative makeup artists available. You can either let me know that you want a makeup artist, or do your own makeup, whatever you prefer. If you want to use a makeup artist, please bring your own foundation and concealer, they can take care of the rest. Your hourly pay does not suffer by choosing to use a makeup artist.

I saw your Instagram/Portfolio and noticed that some models are doing nudes. Is this mandatory?
No. As I mentioned before, I *do* have some shoots that include nudes and some that are erotic in nature. This isn't mandatory. Everyone that has done these shoots with me agreed on doing them *before* arriving on set. There won't be any "surprises" for you during the middle of a shoot, and I won't force anyone to do something they're not comfortable doing. I have ideas for shoots that do require nudes, be it full, partial or implicit, but I also have a lot of ideas that don't require any of those. Not comfortable with them? That's cool, just pick a shoot that you're comfortable with.
  • Solo empresas. Si eres un intermediario, por favor, no contactes al anunciante.
  • NO contactarnos por servicios u ofertas no solicitados

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