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People of Fema Hurricane Mary thank you for helping to raise my island for its beautiful work and presence.
Many have been in my studio, others have visited the hotel and have received a very professional service.

Where in these critical moments in PR your body needs the attention of a touch of adjustment to fit the famous tantric heat therapy
The deep tissu.

I want you to know that I return to PR and I am available seven days and a cozy schedule from 10 am to 12 pm, last client to night.

I count on countless clients for that reason take out your space sending your:

First name
Number four
Time to visit the hotel
Fill with energy, health, good condition, encouragement, strength, do not allow more inconvenience get me and I can also see you in my study

Air conditioner
Good friendly service
And he also visited you at your hotel room
Lucy García
Masseur therapies and adjustments ver datos contacto
ver datos contacto
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