haga de ésta publicación su favorita I am already in American PR Hurricane Maria and BORICIA (💆San💆 Juan 💆Condado💆 Guaynab) ocultar esta publicación desocultar

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I come back in february 10 PR
Thank You honey for wait me
Avaible 10 february come go PR.
Incall Outcall Huracanie María and BORICIA.

Good day and good night to all my clients Huracanie María and BORICIA that I know. They have attended in my study and out of it I let you know how grateful and blessed that all have not trusted me as a Professional Masseur and I am proud to serve you my loves I leave this note clarifying that it arrived on 10 February to PR so keep my number and may God protect me from all danger in their jobs and places where they are carrying light Lucy Garcia
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