haga de ésta publicación su favorita Huracanie María for your time here I have a special (💆San💆 Juan 💆Condado💆 Guaynab) ocultar esta publicación desocultar

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to all the contracts of Hurricane Maria I will be extremely grateful for helping to raise my PR and for having chosen during these 5 months my services of therapy adjustments and Deep tissu with tantra. I will never forget a thousand blessings for coming to PR with a lot of sacrifice I let you know that for your farewell since I know that they will be leaving for the US I will give you a great special you, my departe, deserve it so come to my studio security and parking and a little bath before and after I'll help pain for your strong working electricity with a maximum ezfuerso, I'll be waiting for
Thank You
Huracanie María
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